Ng'ambo Town Bike Tour

Unveil the vibrant spirit of Zanzibar's urban landscape with the Ng'ambo Town Bike Tour, a captivating exploration that takes you beyond the enchanting Stone Town. Departing from your hotel, we venture outside the UNESCO World Heritage Site, delving into the dynamic urban region of Zanzibar City, known as Ng'ambo - the 'other side' or 'new city' in Swahili.

Embark on a captivating journey along the coastline, where the Indian Ocean's horizon blends seamlessly with the sky. Arriving at the historic Baobab Tree, immerse yourself in the spiritual traditions associated with this iconic tree and discover its cultural significance.

As you journey through the neighborhood, witness the tapestry of traditional culture and urban life coming together. Reach the German House, a historic gem built in 1872, and delve into its architectural stories that resonate with Zanzibar's history.

A glimpse of the Michenzani Blocks showcases housing built using Soviet-era East German techniques, offering a unique perspective on the city's architectural evolution.

Transition to Kisonge, where the echoes of Zanzibar's musical heritage await. Unearth the history of Taarab music, with a special focus on Bi Kidude, the revered queen of Taarab, and visit the site of the island's first radio station.

The journey continues to Haji Tumbo, a bustling hub where the market's vibrancy and local shops blend seamlessly with the art of recycling.

Travel to Bwawani and soak in the heritage by exploring Dr. Livingstone's House, admiring mangroves, dhow boats, the floating mosque, and the graceful dance of exotic birds.

As you conclude this enthralling tour, traverse through Bazaar Street, reflecting on the diverse experiences you've encountered, and return to your hotel.

Choose your mode of exploration - bike or foot - and embark on this immersive journey into the heart of Ng'ambo Town. Book now to uncover the vibrant tapestry of Zanzibar's urban culture with the Ng'ambo Town Bike Tour by Happy Bikes!

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