Scooter Rental

Happy Bikes is thrilled to introduce an exciting addition to our offerings – Scooter Rentals. Experience Zanzibar like never before with the wind in your hair and the open road ahead. Our affordable scooter rentals bring convenience and exhilaration to your island adventure.

With the scooter delivered right to your hotel, the exploration begins at your doorstep. Each scooter rental package includes a valid license and road permit, ensuring hassle-free rides. Safety is our priority, so we provide two helmets for you and your companion.

The island is your playground as you navigate on your scooter. The freedom to go anywhere in town or across the island opens doors to hidden gems and breathtaking vistas.

Rest assured, our scooters are meticulously maintained and regularly inspected for optimal comfort and safety. Before you hit the road, we'll provide a concise overview of scooter operations and equip you with a map highlighting the best places to explore on Zanzibar.

For those new to scooter riding, we offer an additional option. A guide can take the reins for you, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for a nominal fee.

The scooter rental is designed for a 24-hour adventure, giving you ample time to discover the island's treasures. If you're planning a longer stay, explore our package options to make the most of your journey.

Elevate your Zanzibar experience – book now and embrace the thrill of riding with Happy Bikes' Scooter Rentals. Unleash the spirit of exploration as you journey across the island with excitement and ease!

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