Spice Farm Bike Tour

Get ready for a captivating journey of scents and flavors with our Spice Farm Bike Tour. We'll pick you up from your Stone Town hotel at 9 am to kickstart the adventure. Set off on a picturesque 15km bike ride, pedaling through Zanzibar City's suburban charm until you reach the fascinating Spice Farm.

Dismount your bikes and embark on a guided walking tour through the Spice Farm, lasting for an hour. Learn about the diverse array of spices cultivated here, from fragrant cloves to aromatic cardamom. Discover the traditional methods of cultivation, and gain insights into how these spices are used in both cooking and traditional medicine.

Entertainment and handmade gifts will delight you during your farm exploration. If you wish to take some of the aromatic magic home with you, feel free to purchase spices after the tour.

After your spice-filled adventure, indulge in a delightful lunch comprising fresh fruit, water, rice, cassava, bananas, coconut sauce, potatoes, and refreshing fresh juice.

With energy replenished, hop back on your bikes and embark on a scenic ride through the forest. Keep your eyes peeled for playful monkeys and other wildlife that may cross your path.

As you cycle back to Stone Town, witness the charm of village life contrasting with the urban scenes you observed on the way to the farm, providing a unique perspective of the island.

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